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5 Major Importance of having a Hotels and Resorts Websites

Have you ever wondered why a website is important for a hotel?

Simply because it is a great source of information and it becomes the main communication platform for Business. It is where interested guests can look for the required information about the hotel resorts.In today's digital landscape, scammers are prevalent across the internet, particularly as a majority of customers now book hotels through websites. Customers are aware that booking directly through a hotel or resort website can be beneficial, providing them with more discounts and offers for reservations.

As a hotel marketing agency we understand the importance of building quality designing websites , it increases brand awareness, direct bookings and it helps retain the guests and encourage them to return. Hospitality Minds is the best website designing company for hotels and resorts. Here are some steps of the importance of hotels and resorts websites.

The main purpose of any hotel website is to serve as a platform to own direct bookings, so as to avoid paying commissions to OTAs.

5 Importance Steps of Hotel website

1) Main communication platform

Ideally, the website is the first place where customers search for information about the hotel. You can check website details anytime and all the time, thus serving as the main platform for communication between the hotelier and the guests. You can optimise the booking process on every level enabling the guest to gain the required information easily.

2) Acts as a source of information

A hotel website acts as a first-hand source of information for both guests and the hotel. The website content informs the users about the hotel’s history, available attractions, conference room availability, facilities in rooms, tariff plans, restaurant offers, and much more. The content is often complemented with an image or a big attractive gallery covering the entire hotel space. A website is also a good source of information for the hotelier about the past guests stay experiences, activities done, the frequency of visits, number of website visitors, etc.

3) Creates a trademark

A website’s graphics, colours, and text layers speak a lot. It creates a Hotel trademark which will reflect its character and highlight the advantages. Design a website that will allow the guest (who has never visited your hotel before) to virtually experience it, feel the atmosphere, and discover the hotel's uniqueness by taking a ride to its images page.

4) Helps in building brand image

Another added advantage of a hotel website is, it increases brand awareness with a presentation of factors such as restaurants, banquets, events, discount offers, SPA facility, attractions at and in the hotel area. It can also help in showcasing the quality of the service at the hotel, past guest testimonials, and the establishment of strong bonds with a guest.

5) It Increases Direct Bookings and Sales

The main purpose of building a website as it increases direct bookings and sales. You can increase the direct bookings of rooms, offers, banquets, restaurants, conference halls, and other hotel services by connecting an efficient booking engine to your website. A website helps guests to check room availability, special date offers, and packages, and take a virtual tour at any level of the site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 3 main purposes of a website are-

  • Having a own channel for direct bookings to avoid high commission to OTA’s.
  • To create awareness and buzz for your brand.
  • To increase bookings, guest engagements, and to render all the important website information.
The main elements every hotel website must have are easy mobile friendliness, Direct Bookings option, clear and smooth navigation, High-Quality and 3-D Images, complete contact Information, well written content, past guest Testimonials, and most importantly speed.
The main pages a hotel website must have are Homepage, Rooms/ Accommodations, Banquets, Restaurants, Places to visit nearby, About Us, Contact Us, and Book Online page.