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Audit your hotel and resort With Hospitality Minds: The best hotel audit company in India

Hospitality Minds conducts a comprehensive check-list that covers various areas of the hotel with effective process audit. Some common parameters that may be included in a hotel audit check-list are:

  • Check in Experience:- We specialize in comprehensive hotel audits, assessing the entire guest experience, from entry to check-in, ensuring that the crucial first impression is memorable and optimized for improvements.
  • Ambience Check:- Creating the right ambiance plays a pivotal role in shaping the initial impression of your hotel. Our Auditors will thoroughly evaluate all the key elements that travellers typically seek, as it is often wisely stated, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Rooms:- In our room Audit, our Auditors will check the entry impression, cleanliness, comfort, functionality, and maintenance of the guest rooms, including the bedding, furniture, amenities, and overall ambiance & Give scope of improvement. We may also speak with a few other guests staying in the hotel to get feedback. This will be only done if the other guest is friendly or comfortable with us.
  • Food and Beverage:- We thoroughly assess your dining options, including quality, variety, presentation, and service. Additionally, we pay special attention to the decorum and service excellence displayed by your F&B staff. Our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your dining experience and service delivery, paving the way for continuous improvement in F&B Department.
  • Safety and Security:- Ensuring that the hotel meets the necessary safety and security standards, including fire safety measures, emergency procedures, and proper surveillance systems.
  • Staff Interactions of All Departments:- Our audit approach is a game-changer. While staying at your hotel, we engage with various departments to evaluate the full spectrum of services. We also gauge the motivation and problem-solving abilities of your employees, ensuring they are dedicated to serving guests and addressing their inquiries effectively. We will also see how they resolve any kind of guest escalations.
  • Check out experience:- We meticulously evaluate the Front Office team during checkout, the quality of guest assistance, and the lasting motivation for guests to review their entire stay experience. We also keep a watchful eye on post-stay communications from the hotel.
We also do Digital Audit for your brand :-
  • OTA’s Audit.
  • Social Media Audit.
  • ORM Audit.
  • Sales & Reservations Audit.
  • By conducting a mystery internal hotel audit and addressing the areas identified for improvement, you can increase the appearance, ambiance, and overall guest experience in your hotel. As the best hotel & Resort quality audit company in India our SOP audit can turn and can lead to positive reviews, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, higher occupancy rates and revenue for your business with the assistance from external auditors for your hotel.

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