Channel Manager

Channel Manager

No more multiple logins required. Because, we have the best hotel Channel Manager software in India providing you with the ultimate Online Channel Manager system.

Yes, with the best hotel Channel Manager software, Hospitality Minds offers you a powerful yet easy-to-use hotel channel management system that allows you to manage your hotel online distribution with ease, while simultaneously expanding your universe of potential guests, thus making huge revenues.

Our Channel Connect consolidates multiple sales channels into a single, easy-to-manage channel. With help of our reliable and best hotel Channel Manager software, you can efficiently manage availability, rates, and inventory across multiple OTAs, all from a smart single interface.

USP of Our channel Manager

Mobile app channel manager

Most affordable

Manage online & offline bookings

Dynamic Pricing

User friendly

Double your bookings and generate new revenue streams with our Booking Engine Service.

An endless opportunity to convert your website into a powerful direct sales engine.

Hospitality Minds provides a hotelier with a Booking Engine Service which is a cost-effective and reliable online reservations solution, eliminating the intermediaries and allowing hoteliers to sell their inventory directly to the guests. We equip hotel's website with a responsive advanced Booking Engine solution for online packages and stay enhancements, transforming into a real-time sales engine. Hospitality Minds also offers hoteliers with an option to sell directly through their hotel's branded pages on social media.

  • Multi-lingual & multi-currency
  • Aesthetic, intuitive and responsive
  • Easily customizable
  • Choice of templates
  • Maps to room inventory

Why Choose Hospitality Minds Channel Manager for hotels?

Simply manage your online and offline hotel business from our channel manager

Seamless inventory and rate management of OTAs with our best Channel Manager

With our built-in analytics tools generate reports for every online sales channel and give valuable real-time insights. Also get a detailed report Room wise, Channel Wise, and Rate Plan wise and identify where we need to improve through a detailed Analytics Report.

Manage your rooms and rates on all channels in one place

Weekend pricing set-up option - Change rates and availability for selected days and room types conveniently across extranets in real-time.

Manage bookings of all channels from one place.

User-friendly Mobile app available.

Set up pricing rules and by room linkage, use one master room to automatically change rates proportionately for various kinds of rooms.

Easily manage your low seasons, on/off, and Peak Season Rates with quick markups/markdowns on room rates based on available inventory and an understanding of consumer behaviour.

Boost your earnings by publishing alluring promotions, influencer stay experiences, and successful celebration stories at your hotel to your customers across extranets and social media channels.

Your hotel business is simplified when you use Hospitality Minds’ best Channel Manager software for hotels.

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