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5 Ways to Attract More Guests Through Online Hotel Booking System

Hotel’s Booking engine is the most important part of the Website. It helps guests to directly make their reservations through the website within a few clicks. Considering the fact that this digital era wants to get this done within seconds, the booking engine is indeed an epitome of the hotel’s website to increase their bookings and eventually their revenue. In this blog we will explain the importance of the design of the booking engine, how it's connected to the PMS (Property Management System) and how it works to your benefit.

Contents :

1. What is a Booking Engine?

2. How does it work?

3. What is a Property Management System (PMS)?

4. Hotel’s Booking Engine helps to eliminate 3rd party

5. Direct Booking Engine

6. Increase Hotel’s Revenue through Hotel Booking Engine

7. Conclusion

1. What is a Booking Engine?

Booking engine is a software application or a SaaS that allows the Hospitality industry to get bookings through Online Platforms, this is why it’s also called Internet Booking Engine (IBE). It is a very critical tool for the hospitality Industry to generate more bookings, as the booking engine is open 24/7 wherein people can book the reservations whenever they want

2. How Does it Work?

When you design a booking engine, it has to be connected to the Property Management System, so that your booking engine can display the real time availability and rates of the rooms. The booking engine acts as an intermediary, allowing guests to make reservations and complete transactions online.

3. What is a Property Management System?

Property Management System is a software which is used by the hoteliers to manage their hotel’s operational activities such as reservations, housekeeping, front desk, maintenance, invoices and bills, reports and analytics. All these works are done manually, then it can be tedious and time consuming, but through PMS it helps hoteliers to save their time as well as money and be organised at the same time.

4. Hotel’s booking engine helps to eliminate the 3rd Party

Most online booking engines can be embedded into the hotel’s existing website as well as it can be added while creating the new website. This Booking engine then can solely work as a reservation processing system for your own hotel. There are majorly two ways in which you can do the hotel booking which are direct booking engine and Online Travel Agencies.

5. Direct Booking engine

This is the most common way to book a hotel room, and it typically offers the best rates. When you book directly from the hotel’s website, you are not paying a commission to a third party, so you can easily save money. You also have the opportunity to build a relationship with the guests, which can lead to better service and loyalty benefits as well as spread brand awareness.

6. Increase Hotel’s Revenue through Hotel Booking Engine

Once you get the hold on the booking engine, you can use it for your benefit by tracking rates and making sure you are always offering the best possible price and in this case to help you with the decision regarding the prices, Hospitality Minds Company's Revenue Management Service is indeed a go to option. We have an incredible team of revenue management and have served more than 300+ hotels with their revenue management services.

Booking engines can also be used to target guests with personalised offers by sending emails and messages about your offerings and services by using the data from the PMS to create offers that are relevant to each guest’s interest.

Also, Tracking your progress through the booking engine can help you identify areas where you can improve and make more money

7. Conclusion

Hoteliers who want to maximise the benefits of booking engines should use the revenue management services of a trusted hotel marketing company. These companies have the expertise to help hotels set optimal processes, target the right guests and track their performance.

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