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5 Most important guidelines on how to start a hotel business

Congratulations on your courageous decision to start a hotel! Hospitality Minds wishes you great success. Before you rent or buy a hotel, here are the five crucial checklists to ensure 100% success.

As we are a leading hotel marketing agency in India - Hospitality Minds we have years of experience in setting up hotels and resorts businesses. We have explained our years of experience in 5 steps, showing how to start a hotel business.


Location plays the most important role for running a hotel. We have seen many hotels fail because they chose the wrong location. Always make sure that your hotel is located in a prime area, easily accessible to some famous tourist attractions or some kind of public transport availability.

Market Analysis:

Conduct a thorough market analysis to understand demand, competition, and target customer segments. You can simply check a few of the competitors setup on OTA’s in terms of Inventory, rooms, sizes and all amenities. Make sure either you are at par or above par and create some kind of USP for your hotel. Which will give you a great kickstart.

Property Condition and Compliance:

Meticulously inspect the property's condition, including infrastructure, amenities, and compliance with regulations. Financial Viability: Perform a comprehensive financial analysis, considering revenue projections, operating costs, and profitability. Hospitality minds can surely help you to do your hotel Audit and give you accurate feasibility study.

Staffing and Management:

Evaluate staffing availability and establish effective management systems to ensure exceptional service. Remember in today's time Hotels are known only for great service. So make sure you hire an excellent General Manager, Front office staff & other personnel who can deliver exceptional service to guests. We have seen so many Hotels fail and rank so low on all the online portals due to poor guest service.

Hire Right Agency for Marketing :

Let's say you get all above done but you don't have the right marketing team. Before you Launch your hotel, you must have clear marketing goals related to Social media, Google, OTA’s, Travel Agent & FIT guests. Hospitality Minds is one the best hotel marketing agencies which provides all kinds of marketing services under one roof + We have a track record of 90% success for all our hotels and will explain you how to audit a hotel.

By thoroughly checking these checklists, you can increase the chances of a successful hotel venture.

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