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Major Ota’s platform you need to list for your hotel growth

As a leading hotel revenue management agency, Hospitality Minds takes immense pride in delivering top-notch revenue management services to hotels and resorts nationwide. One of the pivotal strategies we employ to maximise our clients' profits is by showcasing their properties on various Online Travel Agency (OTA) platforms. Here is an overview of our OTA marketing strategy, where we list our client hotels and resorts.

In today's era, a significant number of hotels and resorts opt to list their properties on OTA platforms due to their robust online presence. The majority of users choose OTA platforms to book their vacation trips or other journeys, driven by the anticipation of receiving substantial discounts and exciting offers. As a hotel and resort marketing agency with over 7 years of experience, we expertly list our clients' properties on several major OTA platforms. Leveraging our strong partnerships with these prominent OTAs, we empower our clients to fully capitalise on their revenue potential

Here are the list of Ota’s platform in which we list our hotels and resorts :

Booking.com :-

Booking.com is unnecessary, given its status as one of the globe's largest OTA platforms. Through our collaboration with this platform, we guarantee our client hotels' access to an international audience, consequently amplifying their visibility and reservation numbers.


Being a significant OTA in India, MakeMyTrip proves to be an invaluable ally for hotels aiming to access both the local and global markets. Our partnership with them enables our clients to connect with a diverse range of customers.


Goibibo, recognized for its intuitive interface and extensive marketing initiatives, stands as another essential OTA platform where we feature our client hotels. Through this partnership, hotels can allure a broad spectrum of travellers in search of lodging options.


Brevistay caters to the growing demand for short-stay accommodations. By listing hotels on this platform, we ensure that our clients capitalise on the trend of micro-stays and boost their revenue. .


Yatra is a trusted name in the Indian travel industry, and our association with them helps our client hotels attract both leisure and business travellers, enhancing their revenue streams.


With its focus on the Asian market, Agoda is an essential OTA for hotels targeting a vast audience from the region. Listing hotels on Agoda broadens their reach and revenue opportunities.


Expedia's extensive global network makes it a crucial OTA for hotels looking to attract international travellers. Our collaboration with Expedia ensures our clients' properties receive exposure to a vast, diverse customer base.


HappyEasyGo's competitive pricing and regular promotional offers attract budget-conscious travellers. Our partnership with them enables our client hotels to capture this market segment effectively..


TripAdvisor's influence in the travel industry is undeniable. By listing hotels on this platform, we enhance our clients' online reputation and visibility, leading to increased bookings and higher revenue.


EaseMyTrip's easy-to-navigate website and app make it popular among travellers. Partnering with them helps our client hotels showcase their properties to a large customer base.


Hospitality Minds' commitment to delivering exceptional hotel and resort revenue management drives us to partner with 30+ OTA platforms as we are known as one of the best ota marketing companies in India. Through deliberate hotel listings on these platforms, we secure heightened visibility, increased bookings, and ultimately, revenue maximisation for our clients. As we continuously embrace new platforms, our dedication to top-tier revenue management remains steadfast. Count on Hospitality Minds to elevate your hotel business through impactful OTA collaborations and revenue optimization tactics, propelling it to new achievements.

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