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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

There are lots of instances where no reply to reviews from guest deteriorates the hotel image. Understanding the entire situation our ORM team validates all the feedback from guest be it Positive or Negative review and gives an appropriate reply which will give good image of a Hotel in the mind of clients.

Our Vision

Design & Procedure : A coherent vision aligned to business objectives is designed after a deeper understanding of the reputational issues. The aim of it is to amplify brand reputation by changing beliefs and expectations.

Advocacy : Through a streamlined onboarding process, we engage and empower external stakeholders to protect and amplify your organization’s reputation.

Resilience : We continuously monitor and measure the changing perception of your brand through sensing, managing, and assessing risks and do proactively planning in an order to eliminate them.

Why Choose Us

Internet is the first place people reach out to when they are looking for a solution or a product. It is also among the best sources for research since one can easily connect with many people who are contributing to the topic. One of the best ways to improve your sales is by engaging with potential customers online through direct and indirect means such as social media posts, and analyzing the best ways to convert them.

Having customer trust is of utmost importance for a business to succeed. Be it an individual or another client in your B2B vertical, the internet gives them a platform to be a citizen journalist, allowing them to raise their voices online if they aren’t happy with your service or your product. A negative word about your brand will spread much faster than a positive one.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way is to use English (or whatever your native language is): write good information. Inundating the web with great and original content works best, and will eventually push the negative links off the first page of Google searches. While it might be possible to remove negative links, images and content (see below), usually the best approach is to create targeted, effective and well formulated content, including blog posts, images, and video. But the key is developing a strategy, which includes researching and creating the best content, and most importantly, knowing which platforms to share it on.

Because the Internet is the new first impression, and people don’t ask for references, they just head to Google. Probably the first thing people do, even when speaking to you on the phone or just after meeting you, is conduct a Google search. Something negative out there can damage your life and business quickly. Nearly as important, having no reputation drives clients to competitors.

There are a bunch of ways. Someone can write something negative about you in a blog post, which is fairly common, unfortunately. There are complaint sites where people can anonymously post comments for a business or a person

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