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Are you looking for Hotel Revenue Manager, Someone who can optimise all your OTA’s and grow business? Then you are at the right place. Hospitality Minds is the Best Revenue Management company in the world Initiated in venturing into the all segment of hotels in the Indian hospitality perspective. We at Hospitality Minds are a bunch of young and passionate professionals with one common aim of contributing meaningfully to the hotel Industry and being one of the Top Hotel Revenue Management companies . Hospitality Minds is one of the best Revenue Management consultants, Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Company in India for Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Bars. What Make us best is the services that we offer - With Detail in setting up the right price - Past Data analysis - Trend check and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Revenue Management is all about forecasting, predicting and meeting the consumers wants and setting the right pricing. Hospitality Minds enables you to set the best dynamic pricing according to the market insights, OTAs are long-run businesses and we help you to establish the brand and grow the revenue at the same time.
Every brand which is online should do digital marketing. Google or social media focuss that depends upon your product and market. Hire us and we will do the best to brand your hotel and market your hotel across all the digital marketing. Hospitality minds is india’s leading digital marketing company for hotels we have grown the business for hotels X 5 times. Right from logo to website to listing of hotels on OTA, review management everything is done from myside keeping common goal in mind i.e. to Market your hotel .
ORM is online reputation management, once you hire us we will handle the reviews management across all the platforms and give appropriate reply and our experts looks into each review personally and consult with the stakeholders and take appropriate steps. Hospitality minds is expert in ORM for hotels, we have catered to more than 200 hotels for such services and its going on. Our hotels have seen significant change in the dealings of there staff and there hotel is now guest centric.
If legally you have served notice period to such brands, then you can Opt out. Hospitality minds will help you to come out of such brands within 15 days. We will help hotel to get independent calls and website icons on Google pages. Plus, the website will be made for the hotel. All the OTA’s will have a hotel's bank account and all the rates and room categories will be made as per the hotel requirement. In the recent past we have helped many hotels to come out from OYO and do business independently.
Hospitality Minds lists the property on more than 15+ effective OTAs, visibility is the key and we highly believe in opening the doors for bookings. Revenue managers knows it and we maintain the image of the brand in the eyes of OTAs
Our Hotel partners usually face this issue the most, and have the accurate solution, a dedicate team will look after the bookings and make sure the guests reach to the Hotel doors. Hospitality Minds helps you with the appropriate policies and we also have backlinks to charge guests credit cards.
Trust us, when it comes to booking engines we are the right one to choose the best one for you. Booking engines have different costs, At Hospitality Minds we help you to decide the right, fit to the budget, effective and result oriented booking engines which will enhance the possibilities of converting the visitor into a booker.
Promotions are seasonal and it differs from hotel to hotel according to the geographic, booking window, tier etc. OTAs always have some campaigns which boost the visibility, we help you to decide which promotion will be beneficial keeping the ADR and demand in place.
Just get partnered with Hospitality Minds J, We take all the responsibilities for the growth and enhancement of the brand. We work like a hotel staff for the welfare and benefit of the Hotel itself.