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Launching a new restaurant is not for hesitant businessmen, because of the long hours and painstaking hard work involved. But a properly planned pre-opening marketing strategy can reduce much of this pressure. Here’s where Hospitality Minds is best at — pre-launch Hotel Promotion Ideas.

We are the best company for pre-launch marketing for hotels and have proved our capabilities in this genre in most cases.

In a tough competitive market where 59% of new restaurants close down in three years, you need to lay the foundation for your brand’s future success which is only possible by collaborating with a good Hotel Promotion Company like Hospitality Minds.

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Our detailed Hotel Promotion Advertisement plan includes

Starting Marketing Early: To survive the massive competition, you need a strategy to actively pull customers in, keep them coming back, and get them to talk about your restaurant/hotel on various channels. A properly planned pre-opening marketing campaign 3-4 months before its opening can help you know your customers, tailor your offering, test them, and validate in time before your restaurant’s official opening.

Define Your Target Audience and marketing budget: We help to define your target customers even before you make decisions on logos, menus, decor, tableware, service style, etc. From clear marketing ideas to your key customer segments in terms of age, location, gender, lifestyle, interests, etc., and to crafting the correct marketing budget; our professional team does detailed planning for you.

We create Irresistible Brands: ou cannot just limit your restaurant’s brand appeal to an attractive visual identity, but you also need to communicate and deliver the experience to capture and evoke your uniqueness to the masses. Hospitality Minds craft a brand that is strategic, analytical, psychological, and creative with a dedicated team that works closely with restaurants to create a distinctive and enticing brand name that will seduce your diners and the food police.